Who we are

Our team of consultants consists of marketing specialists, channel and business experts, humanists of different kinds and journalistically highly acclaimed associates. This broad variety of skills and experiences is the foundation for mutual success.

Helmut Weissenbach

Founder & CEO

brings in extensive and wide spread industry knowledge. His technical expertise combined with seasoned international business experience in Sales and Marketing rounds off our agency profile. Under his strategic direction and coordination teamwork and individual strengths find a perfect balance.

Dorothea Keck

Account Director

is part of the Weissenbach PR team since 2013. She supports IT Security and healthcare companies and is an excellent writer who is able to explain even difficult topics in a comprehensible way.

Bastian Schink

Account Director

has more than 12 years’ experience in managing results-driven public relations campaigns and a deep knowledge of IT security and telecoms market.  


Successful PR presumes long-term thinking, continuous work and a precise knowledge of the media landscape. In cooperation with a PR agency, you profit crucially from the agency’s long-cultivated and personal contacts with journalists, editors and opinion makers.

As an owner-operated, with Newshound PR globally interconnected and 20 year-in-business agency, Weissenbach PR offers you decisive advantages. We don’t only distinguish ourselves through varied contacts in the media landscape, but our team also provides all facets of classic PR and PR 3.0. Beyond that, it provides you with broad and profound knowledge of the industry. Weissenbach PR offers a one stop service for strategic and tactical marketing communications in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. While we manage a team of over 30 specialists (internal and external) in all disciplines, you’ll only need to communicate with one or two contacts in our organization.